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SS Oval Pipes show superb resistance to chloride, corrosion cracking and ion stress. These have excellent resistance to alkaline solutions and thus are applicable for aerospace, nuclear engineering, chemical, heat treating and pulp & paper industries. Offering excellent mechanical properties, these optimum combinations of high strength as well as good workability, are made from stainless steel. SS Oval Pipes are offered in various lengths as well as diameters. These are made to handle extreme temperatures and have applicability for various industrial usages. Noted for their versatility as well as durability, these are made of “miracle metal”, which enable them to use for industrial and commercial applications.
Provided Rectangular Stainless Steel Pipes are the embodiments of quality and safety. These pipes are widely applicable for all types of fabrication projects as well as structural applications where superior corrosion & greater strength resistance are needed. The pipes are applicable for numerous of industries including automotive, appliance, furniture, industrial, agricultural and construction industries. Rectangular Stainless Steel Pipes are suited for the fabrication of containers. These are also used for general engineering purpose as well as structural support for building, bridges and industrial plants. Provided with eye-catching appearance, these boast of high temperature resistance.
Stainless Steel Tubes are often suitable for the applications, where there is a need of rigid materials for clean water conveyance. These are provided with many desirable qualities and enable you to maintain clean water. Also, beneficial for their use as structural supports vehicles and buildings, these are generally interchangeable. Stainless Steel Tubes are exclusively made to handle the types of pressures applied by water upon plumbing assemblies. Additionally, the surface of these prevents the inclusion of bacteria. Simple to modify, these can be linked and separated with the connections numerous times without making damage to the seal, pipe etc.

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